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Dukinfield Tame Valley Contest 2024

The Tame Valley Hotel, Park Road, Dukinfield SK16 5LX

First Registration Time: 4.00pm

Contest Start Time: 4.00pm

Last Band Registration: 11.00pm

Contest Closure Time: 11.15pm

Contest Secretary: Sharon Mcdonald

Secretary Contact: 07934 553 624

Secretary Email:

Contest Adjudicator: Colum O'Shea


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The Tame Valley

It is now 9 years since Sharon and Gary took over at The Tame Valley and they continue to carry on the legacy of Brian Hill, hosting The Tameside Brass Band Contest with great  enthusiasm.

It was around 1997 when the landlord of The Valley asked a few of his customers if they would be interested in looking into the pub becoming a venue for the Tameside brass band contest, bringing the contest back to Dukinfield. Dukinfield used to host the contest several years before at the Town Hall.

Several customers including Cllr John Taylor and his wife Joan agreed to form a small band committee and made applications to join in the contest. We sought help and advise from the previous Dukinfield committee and some local bandsmen on how to run the contest.

Fundraising was arranged via the pub and we visited many local businesses for sponsorship.

At our first contest, we attracted 21 bands, at this time the average was around 35. In our second year we attracted 36 bands and we have had as many as 52 bands attending, some even from over seas.

The beer garden at The Tame Valley was constructed to accommodate the contest, many bands turned up not knowing that there was this garden behind the pub and were always impressed with the venue. Our built in BBQ is always a favourite with the bands and the on lookers alike.

We don’t, though, have bands marching into the garden has we don’t have the room. Across the road, the business there, very kindly allows coach parking and taco breaks on the night.

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